Your business relies on its vehicles and without them, it is impossible for you to meet the demands of your clients. Therefore, at TrucTec Ltd, we have created a service that works with your business in order to help you get your vehicles back on the road once again.

Our aim is to offer a wide range of services that cover all eventualities because we understand that breakdowns, accidents and maintenance requirements can arise at any given time. Over the years, our ability to carry out these tasks to the highest of standards has turned us into one of the most highly regarded services in the area.

What we offer is a fully customisable service that is tailored to your specific needs. Therefore, we offer a maintenance and repair service for HGV lorries, trailers, light commercial vehicles and many other types of vehicles. Whether you require truck body repairs or a refurbishment, we can take care of your requirements reliably and efficiently at our fully-equipped workshop in Caldervale or at your premises should it be required.

We have offered our service to a wide range of businesses through the area and our experienced mechanics have the skills and qualifications to carry out every aspect of commercial vehicle work. Our prompt and professional service has been designed with you in mind.
Our team of expert engineers are on hand to ensure that your vehicles continue to operate in their best possible condition throughout the year.

The following services are available to you:

Accident Related Repairs

An accident can occur at any time. It can be the fault of the driver or the fault of the third party but whatever your needs, we can ensure your vehicle is repaired and returned back to its original condition. Whether it is a car, heavy commercial vehicle or a trailer we have the expertise that enables us to deal with all repair works ranging from minor damage to major impact damage. Our team uses the very best in technology, tools, and knowledge that enables them to carry out their work to the highest of standards. This means that your vehicle will be road safe and back on the road.

Refurbishment Work

At TrucTec Ltd, we appreciate that often it is more economical to carry out refurbishment work instead of purchasing new. Our team of experts has the understanding and ability that enables them to carry out all aspects of refurbishment work. You might require a complete respray or a small touch up on a specific panel. Whatever your needs, we promise that your refurbishment service will deliver a level of satisfaction that sets us apart from the rest. Regardless of whether you want us to work on a car, tractor, truck or trailer, we guarantee that our service will give you what you need.

Defleet Service

Over time, we appreciate that vehicles can show signs of wear and tear. These signs are of a particular concern should your vehicle have to be returned back to a supplier. Often, returning a vehicle to a supplier in a poor condition can lead to expensive charges and so, we are here to help you reduce or even remove those costs. Our cost efficient Defleet service will bring your vehicles back to a high standard in preparation for their return.

On-site repairs and running repairs

If your vehicle is in need of repairs promptly and effectively, we can carry our repairs on-site. This will offer complete convenience and will ensure that your repair work is completed efficiently. We appreciate that as a business, you want to ensure you keep downtime and costs to a minimum and so, our on-site and running repairs service has been designed to meet your specific needs when you need us.

Modification service

Sometimes, a modification can make a huge difference to your vehicle, regardless of whether it is a car, van or truck. Often modifications can enable your vehicle to work more flexibly for you while saving you the cost of having to purchase a new vehicle specifically made for your needs. You might require a toolbox built into your vehicle to help save space or you might want to change a curtain sided trailer into a steel carried, whatever your needs, we are here for you. We are experts in all aspects of modification work and that means that you can rely on us. Our professional service works with you to determine your specific needs and then we put a plan in place to ensure all modification works meet your requirements.

Shutter Door Maintenance Service

Your shutter doors are imperative to your operations. You need them to work when you need them and you need them to ensure that your vehicle remains safe and secure – particularly when you are carrying goods. When a problem arises, shutter doors need to be dealt with immediately and so, we can help to bring your shutter doors back to life through our shutter door maintenance. We can service them to ensure that they are working correctly or we can identify potential problems that could prove costly to rectify if left untouched. Our aim is to save you money and to ensure that your shutter doors remain in an effective working order.

Horsebox Service

A horsebox is an important piece of equipment and that is where our service can help. We can carry out all require repair work and even carry out modifications to give your horsebox a greater level of usability. If you have a horsebox that needs life injecting into it, then our refurbishment experts can carry out the required work, bringing it back to the desired standard..

Recovery Service

We appreciate that breakdowns can occur at any place and at any time. Therefore, we are here to recover any vehicle, ranging from cars right through to tractors, returning them to our workshop. At our workshop, we will assess the problem and work to find a solution. Our experts will then get to work carrying out the necessary repairs before putting your vehicle back on the road.